KYUDO – The way of the bow


  tir de bernard bleyer au kyudojo de toulouse


“ The bow is not a conceptual idea
but a manifestation of absolute integrity
that is expressed through the body.”

Master O Uchi.


KYUDO       The way of the bow

弓 Kyu bow     道 Do the way

kyudo : calligraphie de maitre O Uchi, le coeur -la sphère : kyu shin

Calligraphy by Master O Uchi : The Heart of the Sphere

At the center of the Bow is the heart

"As long as this centre is properly observed and maintained, the heart, the mind and the body cannot weaken".

The best and most efficient use of the bow is to be found in this ‘emptiness’, in this absence of any desire.

" This is why it is important to approach the practice of the Bow in a state of 'nothingness', in brief, with an innocence of the heart."

Stop thinking.

« As long as we expect some result from the practice of the bow, none can occur. »

"Listen - observe - apply"

Listen : to absorb the teaching 

Observe : to remain attentive

Apply : to perfect the action through repetition

Hitting the target is not the objective, but the simple consequence of the following process:

  • Finding a firm footing
  • Raising the bow
  • Partly opening the bow                                     This process is part of the balance 
  • Completing the opening                                between Wisdom and Means (technique).
  • Reaching a state of fullness                  
  • Splitting - releasing the arrow
  • Remaining in a state of overall awareness                                                                                                                      
There is no such thing as a gifted or skilled archer but there is a different stage of awakening for each of us. "No matter how excellent the shooting posture may be, if one becomes forgetful of one’s heart/spirit, one sinks into mere technique".                                                                                                                             O Uchi senseï

We still receive this teaching from Susuki Sensei. We had our first taste of it with O Uchi Sensei.

The transmission of this teaching came from his father Giishi Sensei, a direct disciple of the great Honda master.

We consciously try to preserve this teaching within our Dojo. The precious link uniting teacher and students remains constant: no competition, no rank - it goes without saying - just this quest of Man seeking his path.

kyudo : petit bassin devant le kyudojo du Parc Oriental de Maulévrier en été
kyudo : floraison des hortensias dans le jardin du kyudojo de Toulouse en été